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Travel Essentials Packs from Ciao Bella – save time and money with one of these handy packs!

Although there are many places you can find travel accessories online, sometimes it is hard to find the right things when trawling through hundreds of products. Saving time and money is vital in our busy lives and one way to achieve this is with a travel essentials pack from Ciao Bella. With essential travel items like travel wallets, sleep masks and other popular items, they are a quick and convenient way to get what you need for your trip.

Here are just three of the packs on offer from Ciao Bella:

Jet Setter Travel Pack

This pack is perfect for the woman who has to travel a lot, particularly for business. It includes the DQ Co Angelina Eye Mask, the ECD Pink and White Stripes Small Shoe Bag, the Annabel Trends Black Super Squidgy Travel Pillow and the MC Leather Pale Pink Travel Passport Cover. The eye mask and pillow are great for while you are on the plane, while the shoe bag keeps your shoes separate from other items and the passport cover keeps your passport safe.

For Him Travel Pack

This travel pack is made especially for men. If you think your man needs a little organising, or perhaps want to find a practical Christmas present, the For Him Travel Pack is the perfect choice. It contains the MC Leather Black Toiletry Wash Bag for all his toiletry basics, the Stuffit Mens Shoe Bag to store the shoes he walks through the dirt with and the ECD Packing Bag Men’s Underwear to store his travel necessities.

Get Organised Travel Pack

Being organised is paramount to a successful trip. This travel pack has all you need to keep everything in its place. Comprising of the MC Leather Turqoise Travel Wallet, the Annabel Trends Aqua Blue Shanghai Jewellery Roll and the Saop2Go In + Flight Travel Kit, you will be prepared for anything with this set.

Ciao Bella also have two other packs – the In-Flight Travel Pack in black and pink – in their range of travel essentials packs. For more information, or to order some travel accessories from Ciao Bella, visit the online store at now. With lots of handy travel items to buy and a range of travel tips to make your journey enjoyable and carefree, Ciao Bella is the place to go for all your travelling questions and needs.