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The Quest for the Perfect Travel Wallet

If you find yourself  juggling with your passport, boarding pass and other travel documents you need in your destination and being encumbered with a handbag and carry bag in another hand, then  you may want to read on.

There are features which make other travel wallets stand out from the rest:

1. Accessibility – A good travel wallet must be easy to access , there is nothing worse than trying to find the right document while you are standing in front of the check-in counter  while at the same time trying to negotiate seats for a family of 5. You need something  you can easily flip it open and find the document  or the  cash you are looking for .

2. Storage – A good travel wallet should provide space for multiple passports, compartments to separate your boarding pass from your itinerary and compartments for  multiple currencies and card slots for your frequent flyer card and credit card.

3. Durability – If you are a frequent traveller, you want to have a lot of mileage from your travel wallet. You do not need to spend a fortune to find one that will last the distance.

4. Style – the last but not least is, the travel wallet should look stylish and should say a lot about you.