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The Cost of Convenience

We all love convenience and technology provides all the convenience we could think of at our finger tips.  Gone are the days when we have to swipe our credit cards if we make a purchase and sign the receipt as a proof that you have actually made the purchase.  Today we only have to wave the card and off we go or better still wave your smartphone and all done.

My credit card was hacked when I thought I used PayWave to pay a bill in a Sushi Restaurant.  I am not accusing the restaurant but that was the last transaction I did before I got a call from my Credit Card provider advising me that my credit card security was compromised and thankfully my credit card was automatically cancelled.

Since then I refused to used PayWave but also I started using Korjo RFID Credit Card Defender which conveniently fits to my credit card slots in my wallet.  I now have Korjo RFID Credit Card Defender for all my credit cards.  When I use my credit card I pull out the RFID sleeve with the card inside and take out the card just before I swipe the card to the machine and quickly put it back to the sleeve when I am finished to minimise the exposure of my card.

Whether it is a coincidence or not but last week my sister rang me to advise me that her credit card was hacked and guess what, the last transaction she did was paying by PayWave.

There are several options to protect your credit cards and protect yourself from identity theft especially if you are travelling overseas.  You can protect all your credit cards and passport from being scanned using the Go Travel RFID Organiser which will also hold your travel documents.

For outdoor activities the Go Travel RFID Money Belt will give you the protection you need for your credit cards and passport.For travellers who don’t want to carry a Travel Organiser, the MC Leather RFID Passport Holder is a cheaper alternative for your peace of mind. It will protect your passport and credit cards from being scanned.

I always believe in the old adage "It is better to be safe than sorry”.

Ciao Bella Travel offers various RFID Accessories to give you peace of mind when you are out and about. Shop Travel Safe Accessories at