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Skin, Hair and Beauty Products for Travel – What You Should Pack In Your Luggage

In your bathroom or bedroom, you have all the beauty utensils you need – from hair brushes, gels and blow dryers to makeup, oral care and moisturisers. Taking your beauty kit with you if you are going overseas for business or pleasure can seem difficult. However, with the right set of essentials, you can feel and look beautiful whenever and wherever you may be.

Travel accessories supplier, Ciao Bella, has a wide range of skin, hair and beauty items catering to the female traveller. Products include bath and cosmetic bags, clear in-flight pockets and bottle sets and little extras to take in your carry on or toiletry set.

One of the hardest things to work out when it comes to your travelling beauty kit is how to make everything smaller to abide by an airport’s carry on regulations for international travel. Ciao Bella’s clear in-flight pockets and bottle sets have containers of the perfect size inside a case so you can have your favourite moisturiser or spray on hand.

All of their bottle sets contain six bottles between 15 and 50mL to comply with the 100mL standards. They also have trio packs of squeezable tubes in sizes ranging between 37mL and 89mL. Simply fill up a bottle with your favourite product and place it in the clear bag and in your luggage.

However, sometimes you want to buy everything in smaller travel sizes so you don’t have to worry about transferring products to smaller bottles. Ciao Bella also has an extensive range of travel accessories for your health and beauty in great, portable ready-to-go packs. They have oral care and cleaning kits, antibacterial hand wash in a small travel size, perfume atomiser that can fit in your pocket, mini hair dryers and mini hair straighteners.

So, don’t fret about fitting all your beauty requirements into one bag, visit Ciao Bella and create a beauty kit to take you to your destination in style. Visit their online store to see what travel accessories they have on offer today.