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Reach Out to Mummy’s Wish!

In 2012, I was approached by my girlfriend requesting if Ciao Bella Travel can help Mummy’s Wish Charity in their Talking Bear Fund raising campaign in December before the Christmas rush. I knew very little about Mummy’s Wish then but I thought, it was something different and for a very good cause so I said "Yes” and it was the most fulfilling project I was ever involved with.

Because of Ciao Bella’s arrangement and contract with Australia Post, I have offered that the best way we can help is to dispatch the Talking Bears from Ciao Bella ; Australia Post come and pickup parcels from our office every day. We soon hit some logistic problems because once the Bears are stuffed, they are so bulky and heavy and transporting from Northgate to North Lakes became a logistic nightmare. Some may think that driving from Northgate to North Lakes is not a big deal but what made it not so easy was the drivers are mothers with kids who volunteered their free time between school hours to help in the fund raising.

We have decided for the next batch which was getting close to Christmas to stuff and dispatch the Bears at Ciao Bella’s office so that we can eliminate the transport between Northgate and North Lakes. Serena Beirne, the CEO of Mummy’s Wish co-ordinated and scheduled the volunteers to come to North Lakes to help in stuffing the Bears. What really touched me was meeting Volunteers who are mothers with kids in tow. They came with the kids and packed lunch to help in their spare time. I admired how they kept the kids at bay and got them to help. It was a beautiful sight and I was happy that Ciaobella was given the opportunity to help and for me to meet so many beautiful people who are so generous of their time.

Mummy’s Wish  has grown from strength to strength, thanks to the hard work of Serena and her Volunteers. It has now an office in Northgate and has expanded their services to New South Wales.Mummy’s Wish is very dear to my heart not only because of the services they provide to Mothers who are being treated for cancer with children under the age of 12, but because it is a Qld born charity. They fill in the gap after a Chemo treatment and when they arrived home. Mothers who are undergoing Chemo still have to look after their children and somehow run a household. This is really where Mummy’s Wish can help.

I invited the CEO of Mummy’s Wish, Serena Beirne to speak at the Redcliffe-Kipparing Lions Club Installation Dinner to help spread awareness that there is help when you find yourself in that situation. The newly installed President of Redcliffe Kippa-Ring Lions Club, Lorraine Kelly presented Mummy’s Wish  with a cheque to help fund the services they provide to Mothers affected by Cancer.I hope that you will spread the word after reading this blog because you are not alone! There is help out there. For more information on Mummy’s Wish, visit: