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Organising your luggage – how to keep it clean and simple

Packing your bag can be frustrating. You may take a neatly packed back to your destination, but packing again at the end of a holiday can often results in messy packing and not enough room. You don’t want to think about folding things neatly or spending extra on another bag or excess luggage. Below are a few simple ways to make packing your bag easier:

Luggage organisers

Whether you love everything to have its place or are prone to just throwing your items in the bag, a luggage organiser is the perfect item for you. Luggage organisers come in many shapes and sizes, with some made for specific types of clothing, some offering see through areas to see what you have packed and plastic bags you can roll the air out of to maximise space.

Shoe bags

Shoes can get dirty or be damaged by other items in your bags. Putting them inside a shoe or boot bag can make life a little easier for you so you don’t have to worry about your shoes getting damaged or your shoes damaging something else!

Delicates and laundry bags

Sometimes, at the end of a trip, you can’t be bothered cleaning things before getting back home. Delicates and laundry bags are great for storing underwear and dirty clothes you want to keep separate from the rest of your items. They can also make it easier to unpack when you get home as you will know what can go back into the cupboard and what needs a good clean.

One company stocking the above items as well as other travel accessories to make your trip smooth and care free is Australian company, Ciao Bella. Check out their online store today to see what they have on offer.