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My Favourite Things

One of the perks I enjoy being part of the Ciao Bella Travel team is being able to sample each travel clothes that we sell in our website.  I source all the travel accessories and travel clothes so naturally I like them all but there are some products that stand out and become my personal "must haves”.

Travel ClothesWhen I travel for more than two weeks, usually overseas I try to pack light because I want to leave space in my suitcase for my loots from shopping overseas.  My staple travel clothes are a pair of black pants which I can dress up or down and I find that the Abi and Joseph Relaxed Fit Pilates Supplex Pants tick all the boxes for me.

Firstly, it does not crease, it drops perfectly and their shorter length size is perfect for my height.  They have a longer length size for women who are in the higher end of the meter.  The big bonus for me is, the stretch material is very forgiving when I over indulge with food, after all I am on holiday.  I have my Abi and Joseph pants for 5 years and they are still going strong.

The other pair of pants I take is the Bodypeace Skinny jeans.  I just love the softness and lightness of the material, what a big difference from the traditional denim jeans.  Again, I can dress this up and dress it down to suit the occasion. Like the Abi and Joseph, the stretch material is very forgiving when you had one too many to eat and drink and be merry.

For my top, the Sacha Drake 2-way ¾ Sleeve is the first to go in my suitcase. This top suits all figures, I was surprise to see how well it fits me considering that my weight is towards the heavier end of the scale. I don’t want to be biased because Sacha Drake is designed and made here in Australia, Brisbane to be more specific.

The other tops I carry are the Bamboo Body Choir top and the Grace Top.  I took these tops when I went to the Philippines in July with an average daily temperature of 32C and 70% humidity and found how comfortable and cool these tops are during hot humid days and best of all after a wash , they dry up in an hour ready to wear again.

Wherever I go, I always carry my Bamboo Body Everyday Cardi, this is my security blanket.  I find this very handy in the plane and for layering for colder weather.  I dress this up with a bright coloured scarf or bright coloured blings.

These are my  travel wardrobe staple that I always carry and I just compliment them with my old tops which I can throw away if I need to make room in my luggage.

My next favourite things are ................. watch out for our next post.