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Keep a Journal

Most people think that Paper Journal is a thing of the past because of technology but you will be surprised to know that seasoned travellers and travel bloggers still use them. There are some obvious reasons and one of them is capturing your experience and memory of a place that has taken your breath away. Sure you can take a snap of the scenery but when you look back later, the picture will not tell the full story.

Not only is this a great way to reflect on each day, but it also serves as a memory bank of all the people who made you smile, all the experiences, good and bad in every place you visited. I remember taking a photo of a café in Venice with a note in my journal "the most expensive coffee I ever had at 18 Euros and it is not even good”.  Another note in my journal when I discovered this laneway tuck shop in Paris, "the most delicious crepe I ever had”. When I look back and read my notes, I could not help but smile.

I keep a journal even when I am at home or work especially when I am feeling a bit down and need some assurance that it is going to be ok. It is like talking to myself but I write things down to boost my confidence and pump myself up. In most cases this exercise works. Looking back on these memories is priceless as you will see yourself grow and overcome the adversities that life has thrown at you.

Ciao Bella Travel has a selection of beautifully crafted Corban and Blair A5 Journals to remember your next trip.