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Get your luggage organised with Lapoche

If you are looking for stylish, versatile and affordable travel accessories, look no further than Ciao Bella. Ciao Bella is an online store offering travel luggage, clothing and accessories to make your trip more comfortable and organised so you can get on with the more enjoyable aspects of travelling.

One of Ciao Bella’s most popular brands for travel luggage is Lapoche. Lapoche offer innovative solutions for organising your luggage so you can find things faster, prevent creases and wrinkles in clothing and make packing at the end of the trip easier than just shoving everything inside the bag.

Here are just three of the products offered by Lapoche at Ciao Bella right now:

Belt Up Tie Down Roll

Perfect for the special man in your life, this little circular bag is perfect for ties, belts and smaller accessories. The circular shape helps keeps items secure and in perfect condition, with a space for cufflinks and watch. The Belt Up Tie Down Roll has enough room for up to five ties and two belts.

Luggage Organiser

A place for everything and everything in its place. This is what we hope at the start of packing but it is something many of us can’t achieve. With a Lapoche Luggage Organiser, putting like items together in an organised and neat way is easy. It separates and organises your luggage without adding extra bulk, coming in three sizes and featuring a mesh front to allow clothes to breathe and you to identify what is inside the pocket.

Charge Me Up Bag

These days, we never leave home without some sort of electrical device. Whether you are taking a phone, laptop, camera or tablet, having the right connectors and electrical converters is essential and finding them easily in your luggage is just as important. This is where Lapoche’s Charge Me Up Bag comes in handy. This multi-level pocket can fit your phone and computer chargers in the same place as your electrical converters so you don’t need to rifle through your bags to find any of your electrical goodies.

Make Me Up Bag

Storing your makeup on the go can be difficult. You don’t want to take your entire collection, but you still need to keep all your beauty products clean and protected. With the Make Me Up Bag from Lapoche, you can store a travel kit of makeup that is small but still holds all the important items. It even has a detachable central pocket that fits easily into your handbag.

Other Lapoche products offered by Ciao Bella include toiletry organisers and cosmetic bags. To see Ciao Bella’s range of Lapoche products, or any of their other travel accessories, visit the travel accessories retailer online now.