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Cruise Anyone?

I just came back from a 14-day New Zealand cruise with the Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas.  I have been to the North Island but I have not been to the South and certainly did not plan to tour in a luxury liner. The South island lived up to all the tourism’s hype, the sceneries are breathtaking, the towns are very clean and most of all the people are very friendly.  Tourists are treated as special guests and they made allowances to accommodate us, "the boat people”.

I needed a break after Christmas and I was looking for a relaxing and affordable holiday without sacrificing comfort, after all I worked very hard during Christmas.  Holiday cruise can be the cheaper option for a luxury holiday if you can go on holiday on short notice; this is exactly what I did.  I saw the promotional sale from the Royal Caribbean cruise for a 14-day cruise to New Zealand and worked out how much it will cost per day for accommodation/food and entertainment.  It worked out to be $140/day which is too good to pass. A word of advice, you have to be quick, promotions do not last very long.  If you are looking for a laid back, relaxing and comfortable holiday, cruise is the way to go however, if you are the adventurous type, this may not be the right option for you.

Once we have boarded the ship, everything was organised for you which may or may not suit everybody.  What is very noticeable was, 80% of the passengers were Baby Boomers but there were a lot of young families with children in tow.  The ship caters for wheel chairs, scooters and walkers for seniors and the crew are very accommodating to make your stay as pleasant as possible.  A section of the top Deck (level 14) is allocated to a toddler’s playroom with all the toys to entertain the little ones.  Next to it is the Cloud 9 bar with comfortable sitting for reading and drinking with live music.  There are 4 swimming pools, 4 spas and fully equipped gym.  An indoor toddler‘s pool is also provided away from all the other swimming pools so mums have peace of mind that bubs will not go astray to the deeper pool.

The best part of travelling is meeting and talking to other people and hearing about their stories. I have noticed that there were a lot of mother/daughter, sisters, girlfriends, father/daughter/husband and young families travelling together and thought how good was that, to be able to go on holiday with your frail mother/nanna or father together.  It is certainly something you can think about if you have elderly parents or grannies.  I thought, I will write this blog to encourage everybody to have a go and spend a very memorable time with your parents or grandparents.

The cruise director has set dress codes for dinner but you don’t have to follow strictly, but for me it felt good to dress up for dinner.  For some people, packing for a 14-day cruise is a nightmare but it need not be.  The dinner dress code calls for 3 formal, 5 smart casual, 5 casual dresses.  I just took my Abi and Joseph Relaxed Pants and wore this on 1 formal dinner and 3 smart casual dinner paired with Sacha Drake 3/4 Sleeves Top and other tops.

I also took with me the Bamboo Body Soft Leggings and wore this on 1 formal dinner and 2 smart casual dinners paired with other  tops and tunic. For my day, excursion and casual dinner wear, I took my Bodypeace Skinny Jeans Denims paired with Bamboo Body Tab sleeve top and other tops.

The Sundrenched Ruched Pants were very comfy lounging around the ship during the cruising days.  For casual dinner and shows, I wore the Sundrenched Sunset Maxi Dress Savannah.  The spas are located on Deck 11 which is quite a walk from deck 7 so I brought the Sundrenched Noosa Dress for cover ups.  I gave the swimming pool a miss, a bit cold for me and besides I thought nothing beats a relaxing spa with my favourite cocktail.

To organise my luggage, I used the Go Travel 3-piece packing organiser so I can easily find my tops/dress, pants/skirts, and lingerie. I have given my Abi and Joseph Active Capri Pants and Abi and Joseph Racerback Tank a good work out during my gym visits.

We were lucky that the sea was calm for most part of the cruise but  it got choppy from Milford Sounds to Hobart and luckily I have a Korjo Anti-Nausea Band which helped me calm down. I shared the cabin with my girlfriend who used the TV as a sleeping pill so I have to equip myself with the Sea to Summit sleep masks and earplugs.

I have to say that I came back from my holiday very relaxed, 2 kilos heavier but very happy.

So what are you waiting for, keep an eye for those last minute promotions and you can surely grab a good deal for a holiday of a lifetime.