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Christmas Holiday Travel Tips

Christmas is just around the corner.  If you are traveling this holiday season to visit your relatives and friends or if you are heading somewhere to take your long overdue break, we’ve got a few travel tips to make your trip a stress free and jolly one.

Always Pack Light – Grab your favourite weekender bag that can fit all your travel essentials to avoid checking in your luggage at the airport and waiting for it to arrive at the carousel.  Be sure to bring clothes appropriate for your destination.  Remember to mix and match your tops, pants, skirts, shoes and accessories to look dazzling and stylish each day this festive season.

Post Gift or Give Gift Cards – Lighten your load and send or pre-order your gifts ahead of time or better still give your loved ones gift cards this Christmas. No more extra luggage to fit your gifts and avoid further security check at the airport.

Keep Calm and Rest – Don’t forget to bring your comfy sleep mask and travel pillow to get that needed sleep while on the plane and you will surely arrive fresh and rested.

Carry Healthy Snack – Not all airlines offer food and refreshments so make sure you pack or take a light snack and water bottle (if possible) before boarding the plane to keep your tummy full and avoid dehydration.

Be Entertained – Keep your tech gadgets handy at all times. Download your favourite music playlist and apps in your mobile devices to help you entertained if your flight is delayed or to keep you relaxed the entire trip.