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A Survival Kit to a European Holiday

Packing light for a European holiday is quite stressful. You have to pick the right wardrobe that can be worn for day trips and can be dressed up for evening wear without compromising style.  Here are a few tips when choosing your travel ensembles:

  • Choose lightweight and wrinkle free travel clothes.
  • Bring a few neutral and coloured tops, skirts, and pants which you can mix and match.
  • Layer up using cardigan or wrap which you can style in different ways.
  • Wear shoes that are comfortable, light weight, and versatile.
  • Put on scarves and accessories to add a touch of colour to your attire.

We have put together clothes and shoes from our popular brands which you can mix and match and wear for any occasion.

Now that you have an idea what travel clothes to pack, it is time to organise your travel essentials.  Make sure to bring a durable and stylish carry-on bag to fit all your gorgeous clothes.  Match it with a cross over bag to put your travel wallet and other valuables.  For comfort while travelling, a sleep mask and travel pillow are a must to get that needed rest and feel refresh when you arrive at your destination.  A clear pouch, toiletry bag, jewellery wallet, luggage organiser, shoe bag and charger bags are handy stuff that will help you organise your luggage.

We have selected our favourite  travel accessories that you will surely like to have and make your travel easy and fun.