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7 of the best packing tips for your holiday

Your trip is forthcoming and your excitement is hitting the next level. You plan every detail of every outfit and are sure you’re going to need the 7 pairs of shoes you have packed.

Follow our fail proof tips to ensure your vacay gets off to a dreamy start.

  1. Pack the right clothing
    Before packing your back ask Siri what the temperature is in your destination. Going somewhere culturally diverse? Ensure you pack a sarong and lightweight pants to cover up, particularly when it comes to countries with specific religious or gendered customs. Visiting a Buddhist temple, throw in shoes that are easy to slip in and out of. If you're planning on doing a lot of walking then wear your walking shoes on the plane to save space in your suitcase. 
  2. Roll your clothes
    You heard us! Rolling saves space and ironing time on the other side. Once rolled, store your clothes in a packing organizer set. Result: less time unpacking and more time at the pool bar. We'll cheers to that!
  3. Soften the waft
    A few days in and your freshly washed clothes may be mixing with the dirties. Throw a fabric softener dry sheet into your suitcase to keep your fresh clothes smelling delightful.
  4. Suitcase / Luggage
    Does your old heavy suitcase have a mind of it’s own? Beat the luggage battle with a new case or overnight bag. For a weekend getaway, we recommend the functional Manzoni leather weekender, roomy, stylish and nifty. If checking luggage on, attach a luggage tag monogrammed with your initials, travelling in style darling.
  5. Toiletries
    You arrive at your destination and throw open your suitcase to a waft of heavenly pineapple and coconut, Oh wait, that’s the smell of your shampoo and it’s had a party in your suitcase the whole route... Invest in squeezable travel tubes. Fill them individually with your shampoo, conditioner, body wash and even bubble bath if your planning that romantic getaway. You’ll thank us later. 
  6. Limits
    Know your limits! Each airline has a different baggage allowance. Check the limits of all the airlines you will be travelling with and be prepared to cough up if flying on budget airlines through Europe, they can be unforgiving, expensive and on a hot summers day it ain't pretty strutting around Milan airport in four jumpers, two pairs of pants and four coats just to avoid the baggage allowance sting. Ouch.
  7. Document Organisation
    Pack your airline tickets, passport, a pen and itinerary into a travel wallet. Do this prior to packing and pop into handbag ready for departure. It will save the last minute run-around looking for that missing ticket.  

But, if the above fails, just grab your passport, run out the door and shop when you get there!

Ciao x